Hi there, I’m Kayce 👋

a design leader, educator, and contributor with a focus on research, IxD, and human factors. I’ve been supporting the growth of products and people since ’08.

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Currently an Adjunct Lecturer of HCI/Design and Product Management at Indiana University Bloomington in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. I hold a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction Design (2008) and a Bachelor of Science in Informatics (2006) from Indiana University. Formerly the Director of Product Design at Formstack; an online form builder & data collection platform that enables individuals and teams of all sizes to get work done.

As a Director of Product Design, I am passionate about driving exceptional user experiences that deeply resonate with people. My mission is to understand user behavior and continually seek innovative solutions that make interactions natural, meaningful, and effective.

With a talented team of designers under my guidance, I prioritize consistency, adherence to researched standards, and optimizing usability and accessibility. I find immense joy in coaching and nurturing the growth of my team members, empowering them to exceed both high standards and user expectations. By fostering a collaborative and continuously learning environment, I ensure that each team member reaches their full potential.

Leveraging my extensive experience and strategic mindset, I strive to leave a lasting impact on the organization’s success. By pushing boundaries and elevating our products to new heights of user satisfaction, I aim to drive business growth. Ultimately, my goal is to create meaningful and memorable experiences that forge strong connections between users and technology. Together with my passionate team, I am prepared to take on new challenges, explore uncharted territories, and make a positive difference in the lives of people through thoughtful interaction design.

I created this site and all content using WordPress, CSS3, Figma, and Illustrator. Headshot 📷 by Anna Powell Denton.

My CV, case studies, and references are available upon request. Thank you for visiting!

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Things people have said 😌

Kayce’s passion and commitment to her job are unparalleled. She genuinely wants what’s best for the team and the product and is always fighting to do what’s right for the team and our customers. She takes on an amazing amount of work and responsibility and always meets deadlines and the needs of the team. I couldn’t do my job without Kayce. She is an incredible asset to Formstack.

Anna Robertson, Senior Product Designer at Formstack

As a Product Designer who knew nothing about Product Management, I’m fortunate for having taken Kayce’s Product Management class at IU Bloomington. Not only did I learn about what it meant to be a good PM, but I also developed a Product thinking mindset. Her product and teaching skills are complemented by a deep sense of empathy towards her students. She took the time to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses and managed to positively influence my career trajectory just over the course of a semester. Eventually, I was able to apply her feedback and land my first Product Management Internship! Very few professors have had such a profound impact on me and I can’t think of anyone I’d recommend more highly.

Rohan Kamath, Product Manager, Plus One Robotics

I worked with Kayce for several years at Formstack and saw her build and lead the product design function. Formstack’s products are known for usability through no-code configuration, and Kayce and her team are a huge reason for that. Always a pleasure to work with, always solving for the user and the customer – Kayce would be a huge addition to any team looking to establish, grow, revamp or scale their product design function. I highly recommend Kayce.

Zak Pines, Vice President of Partnerships, Formstack